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The Financial module integrates a broad set of features to automate processing and reduce manual effort while increasing accuracy. 

Functions include:

  • Standardized County billing streamlines the billing process with widely accepted invoice formats
  • Foster Parent accounts and payroll processing provides many features for managing pass-thru payments, special payments, recoupment plans and adjustments
  • Foster Parent Statement of Account provides a detailed statement with each payment cycle
  • Bill and re-bill for retro activity, adjustments, rate changes and calculate adjustments
  • Quickly export all financial data to a spreadsheet for analysis and ad hoc reporting
  • Financial projections, what-if scenarios and accurate accruals are easily calculated
  • Full automatedACS billing and import of pre-bill and payment files
  • Billing and payment of pass-thru payments are directly linked, which eliminates reconciliation and redundant efforts for adjustments and retroactive payments
  • Aged receivables by county and client within funding sources
  • Financial activity rolled up by GL account, cost center and period for booking revenue and receipts for full integration in your general ledger
  • Easily update and duplicate rates when funding sources change rates, using the rate maintenance tool
  • Select from an extensive array of financial reports within the Options application

The Financial Module