"This is a true partnership.  FSS judges its success on making Abbott House and me happy."

Shawn Carlson

Director of Quality Assurance and Training

Abbott House

Fulton Street Software (FSS) was established in 2009 with the goal of completing, maintaining and rolling out the Options System - a user-driven software application focused on data collection, data management and reporting processes for social services agencies in New York State.  Options has been in development for several years, with the input of more than 50 domain experts across eight agencies helping to establish the requirements and design of the system.  Founded as a double bottom-line enterprise, FSS seeks to further the social outcomes and efficiencies of our clients without sacrificing the innovation and agility of a for-profit business.

FSS is renowned for our attentiveness to client needs.  As a small company focused mainly on New York State social services, we have tailored our product to fit the needs of one of the most complex and demanding social services systems in the country.  We adapt quickly and update our product to fit the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Fulton Street Software is owned in part by our social service agency partners; this ensures that we always have their best interests in mind.  We are currently managed by a dedicated staff of nine, who have extensive backgrounds in application development and systems design, social welfare, consulting and client services.  Overseeing the company is a board comprised primarily of key management from our founding partners and representatives from outside our domain.

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